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A friend of mine is a list maniac. She once sent me a "100 Things About Me" list that intrigued me because I could only imagine how much time and effort that took.

Well, I finally finished mine. Thanks Kelly!

100 Things About Me

1) I hate bugs, especially when they enter my domain – be it my house, car, tent, etc. If they’re outside, I still hate them, but at least they are in their own realm and now they’re just invading my personal space.

2) Music has always been something to comfort me when I’m down.

3) I want to bring back the word “hoot”, as in, “I give a hoot” or “She’s such a hoot.”

4) A man wearing Drakkar Noir is irresistible.

5) I married a sexy Russian. Need I say more?

6) I wish I could wear 4” stiletto heels without breaking an ankle.

7) Sleeping with my cats is very relaxing. I love cuddling with them, feeling and hearing them purr.

8) A person who speaks with an accent is a major turn-on. British, Scottish, French, Russian, Aussie… awesome!

9) I could never have too much jewelry.

10) Ginormous is now a word – ugh.

11) My first cat was a tabby named Tabby (original, I know).

12) I cannot stand grammar/spelling mistakes.

13) Teaching will always be a passion of mine.

14) I'm organized at work and a disaster at home. Go figure.

15) Karaoke keeps my dream of being a rock star alive.

16) Pistachio Almond ice cream from Baskin Robbins or Coffee ice cream from Haagan Daaz are the best flavors ever! IMHO.

17) Scrapbooking is just another way I can express my creativity.

18) My dream job would be either running my own business (running a gaming café for one) or working for a gaming company.

19) I collect video game systems, and have them going back to the days of Intellivision.

20) I wish I could read faster and still understand what I’m reading. It would make reading much more enjoyable.

21) There are days when I wish I made my original goal of playing with the Boston Pops Orchestra as a professional trombonist.

22) Someday I’ll finish writing that novel.

23) As much as I have traveled in my life, I still feel that there’s so much more to see and I’m running out of time.

24) In high school, I won multiple awards in the categories of creative and journalistic writing as well as music performance.

25) My favorite musical is West Side Story. I’ve played the music in pit orchestras so many times I’ve got it memorized.

26) I love the Bee Gees.

27) My hairstyle and color change frequently.

28) I must be getting old because new popular music just sounds like ripped off versions of classic rock and 80’s tunes.

29) I’m a geek and I’m proud. I’ve felt this way even before it became cool.

30) I can remember when email was a new concept, when computers were huge, and the Internet was nothing more than a post-it note on someone’s desk.

31) I miss the “ker-chunck” sound and feeling of slapping a tape cassette into a Walkman.

32) I love using quotes from movies in daily conversation.

33) Even better, I love it when someone gives me a line from a movie and I have to give the exact line before and after.

34) Being a member of the Michigan Marching Band was the first time that I felt so much pride I could burst.

35) I hate secrets.

36) I love speaking in public knowing that an audience is captured by everything I have to say.

37) Once you’ve burned me, I will never be able to trust you fully again.

38) My job is just a stepping-stone to a better job. This has to change.

39) Someday I will not feel self-conscious about my weight.

40) If I could repeat college and redo my undergraduate degree, I would.

41) Math is not my friend.

42) Politics do not interest me. I know enough to stay on top of current events.

43) I am a roller coaster enthusiast. If you build it, I will ride it.

44) Sparkly things in nature make me very happy. For example: When the snow is really white and it sparkles in the sun, or when the lake is sparkling across its entire surface, or when the stars are twinkling in a perfectly clear sky. Cool.

45) When hubby and I go on a road trip, we always love singing together.

46) Paying my first phone bill, electric bill, and rent was the first time I felt like an adult.

47) Dancing (swing/ballroom) is another passion of mine – one that I must do more often.

48) I miss camp. Why don’t they have camp for adults?

49) Everyone should be entitled to a “must clean my house/do laundry/pay bills/etc.” day off from work every week.
50) My cell phone is blue.

51) Every time I enter an office supplies store, I always walk out with 10 other things I did not come to buy.

52) God and I have a very interesting relationship. I’m not sure He exists; yet I talk to Him and ask questions all the time.

53) I finally have a blog.

54) I would self-destruct if I had nothing to do.

55) I will always let someone know if I feel something’s unfair.

56) I like to make lists.

57) Someday I will have a pet lemur.

58) It makes me crazy to be left out.

59) If I weren’t married, my house would be a zoo – literally. I’d have a few cats, two lovebirds, a saltwater fish tank, and dwarf hamsters – and my ring-tailed lemur J

60) Christmas time with a decent snowfall over the lights is such a beautiful thing.

61) Halloween is my favorite holiday because you can transform yourself into whatever you want to be. The candy is just a bonus.

62) Costumes rock! I love my Renaissance Wench outfit and my Maleficent costume.

63) I love visiting New York, but I’d love to live in Paris.

64) I have never been thrilled with my first name.

65) I hope to have a job someday that allows me to create clever TV advertising campaigns.

66) My family is tiny. I wish I had more Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

67) I love Swedish Gummy Fish.

68) I’m an only child.

69) Professional baseball and hockey as well as college football are my chosen sports to watch.

70) I like to watch The Weather Channel. It’s addicting, and it has made me late for work a few times.

71) Go Blue! Thank you very much! Happy New Year! (If you were in the Michigan Marching Band, you’ll know what this means).

72) Whoever said that you have to read a lot to be able to write well is full of it. That just clouds your own imagination and you only end up imitating someone else while deluding yourself thinking you’ve created something original. It will help with structure, yes, but not the best thing for creating your own style.

73) Gadgets are cool, especially if they’re uber techie.

74) I will never outgrow video/computer games. Never.

75) I do not believe in censorship.

76) Favorite smells: Coffee, brownies baking, and lilies of the valley.

77) People often say that life is not about acquiring and living for material things, and that as long as they have their health they’re happy. Bullshit. Frankly, I’d miss my stuff. It’s cool stuff! This may not be the soul purpose to life, but it sure makes life a lot more fun.

78) I know that if I came to owning mucho $$$ that I would take care of us, my parents, Denis’ family, and a few of my friends who truly deserve a break.

79) I will go to space – it is written.

80) I think that extraterrestrials will arrive just in time to see the complete annihilation of Earth and all species. Then they’ll walk around cursing how we fucked up this once wonderful planet.

81) I still cannot decide with absolute certainty if I would be a good mother. Then again, what mother is absolutely certain about anything?
82) I believe in ghosts.

83) I'm not good at visual/spatial concepts - like figuring out if furniture will fit somewhere.

84) Arguing is not one of my strengths as my ADD kicks in and I blank out half way through.

85) Olives are one of my favorite foods. It must be the salt.

86) When I put my mind to something, I can accomplish it – except losing weight. That’s still one I can’t get my arms around.

87) People say I’m smart, but I don’t feel smart.

88) I can cook things from scratch, not just from a box.

89) Sometimes I wish other peoples’ children had volume control buttons.

90) I can play World of Warcraft for hours. Entire days. ENTIRE WEEKENDS. It’s been done!

91) Chores suck, but a must-do before fun stuff!

92) I wasn't always a happy, optimistic and motivated person. That took some serious reflection and work.

93) I never crawled. One day I just pulled myself up and bolted!

94) I still have two baby teeth. They never had permanent teeth to push them out. One got pulled and replaced with a fake tooth connected to a titanium post that was drilled into my jaw.

95) I graduated from U of M “with honors” on my diploma because I got a 4.0 in my last semester. They messed up. My overall GPA wasn't that high.

96) I've always felt I've never amounted to my full potential.

97) My parents are fantastic and have always supported me when I needed it most.

98) I’m still afraid of closed closets. The movie Poltergeist has scarred me for life.

99) I still love flipping through fashion mags and reading the goofy articles – things like Cosmo and Vogue.

100) I envy those who can create something completely original.


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