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In addition, I am a WoW gamer. So, you'll see some gamerspeak in here as well. :P

The Slice (for scrapbookers)

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A new must have for all of you scrapbookers out there:

I do have a Wishblade, but this is very portable and will remove the need for tons of separate punches. My Wishblade is fantastic for working at home and precutting linked phrases and words before going to a crop.

Comment on this post if you own or have used one and let me know what you think of this product! Comments

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Twitter Costs A Penny Per Letter?!

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I thought this was funny: Kevin Spacey tries to explain Twitter to Dave Letterman.

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I have issues in my head that are unresolved. They do not fit each other. They don't even fall into the same category. Yet, they are all a part of the same puzzle.

It's moments like these where I cannot figure out my next move. And it's frustrating. And I want to scream, but can't because the neighbors will think I'm a psycho.

Usually I wait for things to settle in order to focus and take things one at a time. But not this time. It's not working. The dust won't settle and my thoughts are all foggy. Making lists of priorities are not helping. Franklin Covey will not save me this time.

It's inertia. Simple physics, really. I guess what I need is a good shove.

Honestly, it won't help much because I resist when pushed from the outside. It's up to me to get the ball rolling. If someone does it for me, I'll be back to square one but with an attitude.

So, what will it be? Do I need a sense of accomplishment? Does doing the laundry count, or does it need to be more?

It's more.


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Time for some WoW gamerspeak goodness:

Last night before raid time (9pm server), I was working on the Dalaran fishing daily - Terrorfish. I got one of those giant shells, which normally only give you Succulent Clam Meat. But this time, a Siren's Tear dropped! That's a first.

Seeing that I was charmed with what I like to call my "fishing mojo", I set off to find Northrend fishing pools for the elusive turtle mount... just in case.

There was a night elf swarming around the pools just below Dalaran, so I headed upstream hitting as many Glassfin Minnow pools as I could. The last one was at the foot of the glacier flowing from Icecrown.

One cast, and BOOM - Turtles All the Way Down:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Needless to say, I screamed TURTLE!! Hubby came running to see the scroll of Gratz in guild chat, and to watch me swim with my new turtle. He rocks! Best of luck to everyone in getting your turtle mounts! They say the odds are 1 in 1000 casts. Whoa.


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Raktajino, Extra Sweet

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DS9Image by ronallan via Flickr

It's been a long time coming and with the encouragement of both my husband and a good friend (both Trekkies) I finally watched all 7 seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Why did I wait so long? This is an amazing series and it's much different in story-telling than any of the other Star Trek shows. It's very similar to Babylon 5, another favorite of mine, where each episode flows into the next like chapters of a book. Not everything is resolved in 45 minutes, and frankly it's quite refreshing.

Now, why did I title this post Raktajino?

So, my husband and I were at our new favorite local brewery having lunch. They recently updated their menu and we were going through all of the new dishes when hubby pointed out the latest beverage. You guessed it: Rakajino!!

Here's a site that actually gives the recipies for this fabulous coffee beverage. This was the favorite beverage of my favorite character on the show: the intelligent, gorgeous and hilarious Trill, Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax.

Needless to say, we were both dazzled by this discovery and immediately called over the manager to let him know what geeks we both are, and to compliment him on his new beverage. He laughed, and we talked about the show for a bit before returning to our lunches.

I know I'll be making this at home for sure... just in time to rewatch the entire series! My husband's going to kill me for this - lol!

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Lack of Commitment and Loyalty

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My fellow colleague, the other Special Agent, and I had a long discussion this holiday weekend about our jobs. We realized that our situation at work was, at best, horrible. We did not have a contract or a pay structure. "It's a work in progress," our boss said at the beginning and he made assurances that he would have something in place very soon.

This morning we confronted him stating that we would like to see our contracts before we continue our work. He got defensive, and began to describe how sales contracts normally are; listing charge-back clauses and a bunch of total garbage. His contract would be different. "This contract will protect both you and me. Mine is in my head."

I told him that I'm not a mindreader, so I would appreciate it if he could put his contract onto paper. That got him upset. He began to accuse us of lacking the commitment for this job. He showed his commitment to us by investing his time and energy into us, but we were not returning the favor and thus we were not loyal employees.

Wow. I've never heard such bullshit.

Needless to say, we are no longer Special Agents.


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