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In addition, I am a WoW gamer. So, you'll see some gamerspeak in here as well. :P


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Time for some WoW gamerspeak goodness:

Last night before raid time (9pm server), I was working on the Dalaran fishing daily - Terrorfish. I got one of those giant shells, which normally only give you Succulent Clam Meat. But this time, a Siren's Tear dropped! That's a first.

Seeing that I was charmed with what I like to call my "fishing mojo", I set off to find Northrend fishing pools for the elusive turtle mount... just in case.

There was a night elf swarming around the pools just below Dalaran, so I headed upstream hitting as many Glassfin Minnow pools as I could. The last one was at the foot of the glacier flowing from Icecrown.

One cast, and BOOM - Turtles All the Way Down:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Needless to say, I screamed TURTLE!! Hubby came running to see the scroll of Gratz in guild chat, and to watch me swim with my new turtle. He rocks! Best of luck to everyone in getting your turtle mounts! They say the odds are 1 in 1000 casts. Whoa.

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