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I have issues in my head that are unresolved. They do not fit each other. They don't even fall into the same category. Yet, they are all a part of the same puzzle.

It's moments like these where I cannot figure out my next move. And it's frustrating. And I want to scream, but can't because the neighbors will think I'm a psycho.

Usually I wait for things to settle in order to focus and take things one at a time. But not this time. It's not working. The dust won't settle and my thoughts are all foggy. Making lists of priorities are not helping. Franklin Covey will not save me this time.

It's inertia. Simple physics, really. I guess what I need is a good shove.

Honestly, it won't help much because I resist when pushed from the outside. It's up to me to get the ball rolling. If someone does it for me, I'll be back to square one but with an attitude.

So, what will it be? Do I need a sense of accomplishment? Does doing the laundry count, or does it need to be more?

It's more.

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