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Lack of Commitment and Loyalty

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My fellow colleague, the other Special Agent, and I had a long discussion this holiday weekend about our jobs. We realized that our situation at work was, at best, horrible. We did not have a contract or a pay structure. "It's a work in progress," our boss said at the beginning and he made assurances that he would have something in place very soon.

This morning we confronted him stating that we would like to see our contracts before we continue our work. He got defensive, and began to describe how sales contracts normally are; listing charge-back clauses and a bunch of total garbage. His contract would be different. "This contract will protect both you and me. Mine is in my head."

I told him that I'm not a mindreader, so I would appreciate it if he could put his contract onto paper. That got him upset. He began to accuse us of lacking the commitment for this job. He showed his commitment to us by investing his time and energy into us, but we were not returning the favor and thus we were not loyal employees.

Wow. I've never heard such bullshit.

Needless to say, we are no longer Special Agents.

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