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No Solicitation

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My boss said that I'm not a solicitor. This gave me a moment's pause. I thought he was joking at first so I laughed out loud. Then he said that he was serious. Whoa.

So-lic-it (v) to make a petition or request, as for something desired; to solicit orders or trade, as for a business. This is what I do. Ugh.

As a Special Agent Advisor, I must go from business to business and present my flyer and informative spiel. Honestly, it's not fun. Personally, I think I do it quite well. I'm not afraid to

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approach people; to walk into someone's office and thrust my information into their hands with a smile.

But this is solicitation! And if someone wants to complain, I could get fined $500 and perhaps get nailed for trespassing! This usually occurs when you ignore a "No Soliciting" sign. Most of the time they just shoo you out of their office.
Of course, I mentioned all this to my boss. He shrugged and said that I have to chase every opportunity available to me. I don't think so.
I'm starting to think that this may not be such a good pursuit, even if I'm gaining sales experience. I'm not getting paid wages, I'm putting in tons of work and now I'm being asked to sidestep the law.
This is not what I bargained for.

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