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Egg Beaters and Egg Whites

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A bizarre first topic, I'll admit. But this is something that irked me this morning for some reason and this is certainly the place to mention it!

I like eggs - real eggs, not this Egg Beater/Egg White crap. Granted, I see the health benefits associated with both of these products. However, the idea of choosing an "egg product" over the real deal just puts me off. Not to mention, they cost more at the restaurant! And to be honest, every penny counts when both of the bread winners of the house are unemployed. The extra $.75 for egg beaters/whites adds up fast.

Egg Beaters are good for one thing at a restaurant: scrambled eggs. Personally, I'm an over-medium type of gal and love the process of dipping my rye toast into the center. Scrambled eggs have their place, and I'll enjoy a serving now and then. But when they come in the Egg Beater variety, there's something missing. It's a mass of pale yellowish "egg". *shudder* And they don't taste right. Something's off no matter how you try to conceal it with Red Hot.

What's interesting is how the company describes Egg Beaters on their website,

"When you separate the yolk and use just the white of the egg, you lose important nutrients found in the yolk. Egg Beaters Original adds these nutrients back in, providing an even better nutritional value."

Ack! So, they take out the good stuff and put it back with a chemical version. I guess if you're an egg fanatic and must have them on a daily basis, have at it. They do reduce your fat/cholesterol intake. But for me, there is no substitute for the real thing.

Egg Whites are just the worst. First, they just look disgusting on their own. And an egg white omelette is basically veggies floating around in a murky cloud. Gross! Then I'll see people add cheese to it. What's the point of saving yourself on the egg if cheese is still in the picture?

If you're going to eat an egg, just eat the egg. Don't beat around the bush with this other stuff. If you're freaked out about the health risks associated with real eggs, don't eat them all the time. Enjoy them in moderation.

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3 Responses to "Egg Beaters and Egg Whites"

  1. Cheryl Heppard Says:

    I agree! Eggs are cheaper and REAL, why not just buy the real thing, which is always the healthier choice.

  2. Alexis Says:

    Lots of people have been told that the yolk is the part of the egg with the most calories and cholesterol.

    However I have heard mention quite often of many studies (as a Nutrition major) that suggest the majority of the cholesterol in eggs is unable to be absorbed by humans. Plus the calories aren't that high REALLY. Just something spread around word of mouth. Like the vilifying of fats and carbs.

    Eggs are an excellent source protein, and whole foods should always be preferred over processed :D

  3. Mayja Says:

    Indeed! Eggs have gotten such a bad rap for many years. Anything can be labeled "bad" for you if you eat too much of it.

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