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WoW Scrapbook

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It's always great to pull out a photo album and flip back through the events and memories of good times. What's funny is when it's a compilation of screenshots from your online world.

Here are some of my favorite moments and achievements while playing WoW (in no particular order):

Probably my all-time favorite moment: Turning in the quest The Lady's Necklace for Lady Sylvanas and hearing the most beautiful and mournful song ever: The Lament of the Highbourne.

You must watch the retelling of this tale in HD through Blizzard's own music video of this event.

Standing in the city of Shattrath seeing the great phoenix mount for the first time (rarest mount in game)

Using the Brazier of Dancing Flames before entering the instances Zul'Aman and Gruul's Lair:.

Here's our victory shot over Gruul (I'm standing front and center and my hubby is the warlock sitting on the far right):

Coming home from BlizzCon with my new polar bear mount:

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3 Responses to "WoW Scrapbook"

  1. Keith Bernier, aka Sandtigar Says:

    I miss the good ole days when we used to raid together. I see myself in a few of those pictures and it brings back some great memories.

  2. Mayja Says:

    I know it, Sand.

  3. Rob Parton Says:

    Agreed man, those first kills were really epic.

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