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California Dreamin'

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Fantastic news: I will be flying out to Cali for my final face-to-face interview with Aramark. As I am one of the two finalists, this is the make-it-or-break-it meeting. I'm very excited about this potential opportunity, even though I still have not been given any information as to what the pay or benefits could be. That's okay since I'm not paying for the trip out there.

Now, there's actually bad news to accompany the good. I have been keeping my parents informed of my job hunt progression (or lack thereof), especially since they've taken over our mortgage and utility expenses since May. When I mentioned this opportunity in Cali, they did not congratulate me at all. Instead, they decided to launch into a barrage of criticism of my inability to distinguish realistic expectations from fantasy. They think that all I see is an opportunity to live in Cali, and nothing else.

They said that I am blind to the fact that the state of Cali is in its own economic trouble, and that this corporation will lure me out to the coast and then kick me as soon as things go south for them, "and then I'll be royally screwed." They believe that I cannot see how hard it will be to manage two households, and that it will put a strain on my marriage to live separately for an extended period of time. The feel that I will kick all of my responsibilities to the curb just to "get out there".

Nice, eh? Nothing like an overwhelming amount of support from the one place I should be guaranteed to get it - not to mention the incredibly negative perspective of my mental capacity to make informed decisions regarding my career, my marriage, my finances and my life in general. According to them, I am a horrifically selfish individual with nothing but California sun on the brain.

Well, you can just imagine my reaction. I unloaded on them. I got really angry and said things like, "Do you really think I'm that naive or do you think I'm just a dumbass?" and "Would you rather I declare bankruptcy now to avoid this extreme pit from hell called Cali?"

I reminded them of how families all across the nation must make sacrifices and take risks in order to survive these days. I reminded them that military families live apart for extended periods of time, and are fully functional and happy. I reminded them that this is a great career opportunity for me. I also reminded them that I graduated from a major university and that I have the ability to consider multiple circumstances and variables at the same time. Plus, I am completely aware of the economic condition of the country, our state and THAT state.

Yeah, I SO sound like the type of person who will abandon my husband, two cats and home on a whim to bask in the glory of Cali. Wow.

I leave for Cali on September 1st and will report back on how it goes.

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