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My Dream of a Saltwater Tank Has Come True!

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After years of asking and hoping and proving my skills in keeping fish alive, I was finally able to purchase my first saltwater tank. It's a 90 gallon fish-only-with-live-rock (fowlr) tank for now (not sure if I'll get into corals just yet). No fish yet. I'm practicing the fine art of patience. I'm also waiting for the dust to settle and make sure all systems are functioning and no pipes are leaking! I'll keep you posted as this project progresses.

That's Patrick - the owner of Amazon Stingrays - who is plumbing my tank.

Aqua UV 15 Watt Classic Sterilizer hanging over the refugium and Rio Hyperflow 20 submersible pump.

This is how it looked once the setup was complete. The cloudiness is due to tons of substrate floating around. It will settle in a few days.

That's a Bashsea refugium you see there - 30 gallons - 30x14x16.

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