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Freshwater Nano Tanks

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Some of you have asked me why I am attempting a saltwater tank if I have never kept fish before. Oh, but I've kept fish! Many FRESHWATER fish! Just not saltwater ones. All of my current freshwater fish are Petco rescues. Alas, my 10 gallon hex tank died when we moved to this house, but I've been keeping my nano tanks up and running:

This is my three gallon Eclipse that currently holds 5 black phantom tetras.

This is my half-gallon cube for my male crowntail betta, Shadow (in reference to the Shadow ships from Babylon 5).

Nano tanks are much more difficult to maintain. Since the water volume is so small, the slightest change in temperature or water quality will affect the fish immediately within an hour or two. I've had some pretty good scares keeping these tanks. They require many more water changes weekly, and constant monitoring.

Honestly, I'd love to move the betta into the Eclipse and the phantoms into a 10 gal. That would be ideal. If my 10 gal hex were still around, I would have done that. The more room, the better. And the more water, the easier it is to maintain.

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