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From FOWLR to Reef Overnight

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I went into another one of the LFS in town cause I needed some nassarius snails. I got my 10 snails and a sand sifter starfish (he's just too cool!) and I was walking past the corals to pay...

But I stopped (first mistake).

I started browsing (second mistake).

I started asking educated questions (third mistake).

The LFS guy said that he would sell me a candy cane for $30 (11 heads total-some are in the back that you can't see).

I couldn't resist.

I came home, got the snails/starfish acclimating, and then tried to figure out where to place my frag. This is how it looked once I finally got it situated:

After a few hours, this is how it has opened up:

Can anyone ID this and tell me exactly what these are? I know they're LPS candy canes, but I don't know if they're anything more specific (still searching via Google).

It's official - I have switched from FOWLR to reef in a matter of minutes.

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