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Special Agent Advisor

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I have one of the coolest job titles ever: Special Agent Advisor. Ooooooh! Ahhhhh!

It's got that whole spy connotation to it: James Bond, 007. Secret Agent Man. How neat is that? But once you get past the title, what does it mean? What do I do?

That's the point, really. It's catchy, it's cool, and it forces you to ask me those questions so I can start my sales pitch:

We provide free "key" business expense analysis for small to medium size companies. We look at their benefit/insurance plans and their telecommunications setup. We have our specialists review exactly what they're getting for their money and how we can get them the same or better services for less.

Who pays us? Our money comes from a consortium of local companies that have signed on to provide the services at lower prices.

Pretty neat, eh?

Once I make a connection with a company and they agree to participate with the free analysis, that's where my job is done. I receive my commission for setting up the appointment and creating a warm lead with my marketing skills. I will then also receive commission for any of the products/services they decide to switch to once the analysis is complete.

Not bad, not bad.

We'll see how this all plays out. It's intriguing, and I'm going to see where this goes.
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