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The Job Hunt Continues

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I've been using Craigslist lately just in case something interesting or unusual pops up on the radar. One position I found is with Media Genesis, which is a very respectable online marketing company. I found MACPA (Michigan Associate of Certified Public Accountants). They were rated one of Crain's Detroit "Best Places to Work". I just hope they have a sense of humor. I know; bad stereotype.

Unfortunately, not all Craigslist advertisements are actual job offers. I found an hourly position that was mostly for an assistant's work, but offered great growth opportunity. I submitted my resume and cover letter, and immediately received a response in my inbox. I figured it was one of those autoresponders (it was), but it was telling me the next step would be to submit my credit report via this free website. I was so pissed! What a scam and a waste of my time.

Understandably, there will be those who decide to take advantage of us who are unemployed and who will do anything for a chance at a job. At least I didn't show up in person somewhere to find out that I'm being recruited for door-to-door sales, like AT&T.

AT&T posted marketing positions for their new U-Verse system. A lot of people turned out for interviews. Many of the people there were older than me and dressed in their finest suits. Sure enough, we all walked out in a huff when they took us back as a group to go over "the pitch."

I've thrown more resumes out yet again, and hopefully some of them will bite.

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