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When It Rains, It Pours

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This time I'm welcoming the downpour since my job search activity has tripled overnight.

This morning I received a phone call from an online marketing agency called OneUpWeb. They're located on Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, MI, the Cherry Capital of the World. GORGEOUS! They're laid back, carefree and do kick-ass work. They want me for an SEO/Copywriting position. They gave me a writing assignment that I need to send back tonight for my second round at 9am tomorrow. Eep! She also asked me about relocating to Traverse City. Are you kidding? It's fantastic up there! Well, the winters can be the suck, but still!

Then, I get a call from Amy at Aramark. That's right: the Burbank, CA job! She is the Director of the account and I would be working with her. She loved me, and began asking about how soon I could relocate to Cali. OMG! That's a big move, but hey, why not?

Lastly, I received a call from one of my many recruiters saying that she has an Administrative Assistant position with Raytheon. This is my least favorite opportunity as it is not in my field, but it's a job. They want to talk with me tomorrow morning.

Of course, my calendar is now jam packed with stuff. All of my WoW commitments have been put on hold, and I'll be lucky to bake that cake for hubby in time for his b-day. Once again, this is very exciting. I'm trying not to lose my head.

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