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UPDATED: Hermit's Gone, But Where's His Shell???

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UPDATE: Did you know that hermit crabs molt? I had NO idea! I had found another "dead" crab and I was thinking there must be some sort of predator in the tank, but then I counted 10 active/occupied shells. Off to the computer I went where my forum peeps on ReefSanctuary and MichiganReefers confirmed that crabs molt just to scare the crap out of their owners.

So, upon inspection of the tank this afternoon, I saw a very sad sight: a dead hermit crab. I'm not posting a picture of the dead crab, so here's a current view of my live rock with live hermits instead:

It looked like the rear half of him had been eaten (the legs and head were in-tact), but no shell. I immediately grabbed my arm-length glove, my step stool (I'm such a shorty!) and my turkey baster (dedicated to the tank - not ever used with any food) to get him outta there. Afterwards, I did a headcount: all other hermit crabs were present, with shells. I began to hunt for the missing shell, but I couldn't find it anywhere! Not lodged in a nook or cranny, not under the rocks... it's gone! WTF?!? I know that these things can pass away for no good reason, but if I have another one die anytime soon, I'm going to need a CSI team here!

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