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Algae: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

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I do love that song from The Clash! Unfortunately, this topic is about algae, which is every saltwater tank owner's nemisis (go ahead and listen to the song while you're reading!).

It all started with a dark, brown coating all over my live rock. My LFS guy and everyone I spoke with on the forums at Reef Santuary and Michigan Reefers all say that this is normal and not to worry. Right. Easier said than done!

So, I followed their advice. My LFS guy even brought over 10 hermit crabs to help with clean up of the algae. Many of the forums discuss the outbreak of diatoms and that it's just a matter of time before they either die off, get eaten, or the tank matures to the point where there is a better balance of silicates and other nutrients in the tank.

Yesterday, I noticed that the algae has mutated and become stringy and hairy! Ick! Of course, I ran back to the forums. Again, the forums agree: it's normal. Chill out. Stop stressing, you freak!

Okay. (breathe)

Still, it's so much easier to tolerate the ugliness when someone's holding your hand through it. As Donkey said in the movie Shrek, "I think I need a hug."

If you have dealt with the algae tank-cycle crisis before, please comment!

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